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Wanting to freshen up your space? Looking for inspiration to make your home feel welcoming and functional? You may be needing a redesign!

In-Home or Virtual Consultation

We meet to see the space, identify goals, and formulate a plan. 

1 hour | $50

Redesign Session

We rearrange, bring in new stuff, and do some updating. 

$50 per hour

Additional Services

Assisted shopping.

Managing contractors.

$50 per hour

Redesign Gallery

Refresh. Rearrange. Reimagine.

Sometimes a redesign is simple: a bit of paint here, some rearranging there, and some repurposing of things you already have. Other times it takes a bigger overhaul, involving new fixtures, furniture, and accessories. From simple to complex and everythign in between, we'll come up with a plan that works for you and your space.

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