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Getting ready to sell your home and want it looking market-ready? Staging helps your home look its best and appeal to a wide audience. Bring on the buyers!

In-Home or Virtual Consultation

Meet in home with all of decision-makers and create customized staging plan.

Up to 2 Hours | $150

Staging Session

We roll up our sleeves and do the work of pre-packing, arranging, layering, accessorizing, and staging.

$50 per hour

Additional Services

Project management.

Assisted shopping.

Finishing Touches (photo prep).

$50 per hour


Occupied Staging

Only using client's furniture and accessories.

Occupied Staging with Layering

Client's items with Stager's items added. *Additional charge for item rental.

Vacant Staging

Clients provide no furniture or accessories. *Additional charge for item rental.

Staging Gallery

Marketing. Elevating. Appealing.

Staging is ALL about the BUYERS. We are marketing (selling) a product (your home). Staging helps buyers see the potential in a home.

We want them to see space (instead of stuff) and possibilities (instead of obstacles).

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